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What is it good for?

tiredness, lack of energy

headache, migraine

sleeping problems, insomnia

low immunity, influenza

digestive disorders

body pollution, toxin overload

lyme disease

muscle and joint pain



  • non-invasive
  • safe
  • painless
  • small size
  • slight and portable
  • modern design
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • replaceable electrodes and batteries
  • easy-to-use application (iOS and Android)
  • band allowing to attach the device

Mezator Cure is a technology based on Dr Rife’s protocol - the effectiveness of the bioresonance theraphy that uses electromagnetic waves has been supported by scientists such as Franz Morell (1977) and Nikola Tesla.

Names behind technology

Mezator Cure is a universal, easy-to-use device that fights these symptoms - do you know what they are caused by?

Parasites, bacteria, toxin overload, stress, tiredness are only some of the causes.

Stress? Trouble with sleeping? Delayed onset muscle soreness?

Conducted research shows that micro-electricity, also known as electrical neuromuscular stimulation, causes a rise of ATP in human's body. ATP is a multifunctional coenzyme, carrier of energy used in cell metabolism, that has a significant role in intracellular energy transport. It also shortens the wound healing process, regeneration and healing of the bones, tissue recovery and helps reduce pain.

Weak electric currents are the key to stay healthy – they stimulate and control chemical reactions, and thanks to them cells recieve necessary nutrients. Micro-electrical stimulation not only allows better and more effective cell nutrition, but also facilitates the removal of toxins and redundant substances.

If you're willing to find out more about bioresonance and its effects on human body, we recommed following articles:

Scientific background

"Diseases are caused by the disruption of the electromagnetic balance of a human being."

- Franz Morell

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